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Anito Gavino is indigenous to the island of Panay, a central island of the Philippines. She is a mother and a mid-career immigrant artist using dance as a portal to unearth her colonized history. Marcel Santiago Marcelino is an emerging young maker whose first dance language is Bomba, a dance of Borikén. Their work uses Bombazos (Bomba celebration) as a healing practice from a Western-centered dance world. Together they use the many languages embedded in their bodies to tell a history. Through introspection, freewriting/reflection, and discussion they cultivate a story of shared struggles and joys. Their partnership has involved a sharing and teaching of each others’ distinct practices. Disguised as embodied conversations, Primx will be an archival tool for a lesson on history- Spanish colonialism and US imperialism from the lens of a Filipinx and Latinx. 

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