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Tsismis Lectures
Public Engagement

Tsismis to Chisme

A lecture on Filipino History and Dances. Here I talked about pre-colonial history, our complicated colonized history and battle guerilla moves hidden in dances.

Tsismis DSA

Is gossip a form of oral storytelling? 

Lipad o Langoy

What does it mean to be an OTHER in a country designed with a system of categories and boxes? Where does an immigrant belong? Lipad o Langoy is an Experimental film by Anito Gavino exploring her struggles as a Filipino parent imparting a culture to a 1st generation Filipino-American, whose daily experience is far from Filipino-ness. This conversation was featured in Philly Asian Futures as an anchor to conversation.

Patawili  and Tsismis over Pandemic

A zoom recorded video, a virtual roundtable discourse amongst Filipinx-Americans regarding identity. This was curated in celebration of the Asian Pacific Islander Heritage month 2020.

Tsismis at Lumikha Artist Showcase

Community-based performance as part of Lumikha Artist Showcase. How do we teach our Filipino-American first generation Filipino-American children?

Parol Designs

This video became the instructional video for designing Tagong Yaman where we created parols as window display to the durational performance celebrating indigenous celebrations in the holiday season. 

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