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In a basement of a Philadelphia  coffeeshop, people came to witness and participate in this salon-style open rehearsal. This was intended to create a space to unpack unsettled emotions due the political climate.

The viewers took a moment away from their books and coffee, and took part in the process and open dialogue.  Artists namely Frank Leone, Nikolai McKenzie, William Burden, Chuck Schultz, Frankie Markocki, Esther Tarpega, and more dove into communal writing, movement, music and storytelling.

Global Storyteller

is a group of middle schoolers interested in sharing and learning the interconnection of cultures and ancestral lineages. 


In lieu of Filipinx American History Month, Patawili in collaboration with Asian Arts Initiative, curated Filipinx artist  gathering in a townhall discussion on history, decolonization and art activism.

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PATAWILI virtual folk dance

In an effort to pass on folk traditions to the next generation, I curated a virtual folk dance class hosted on zoom and live on Facebook. The folk dance, Kuratsa and its historical make up was heavily discussed.

Guest teaching artist: Paolo Alcedo 

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