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Balik Bayan ( Return to Home)

Balikbayan explores familial art making  between a mother and daughter as an integral work to Ani/Malayaworks Dance. Created during the beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic ( and still in its work in progress stages ), Ani and Malaya continues to inquire, investigate and converse what the definitions of home, memory,  and ancestry is. Through various dance drama modalities, this mother and daughter share the intimate act of dance theater making while carefully considering non-capitalistic practices of production. Balikbayan is a family photo album manifesting through a series of dance vignettes, inscribing parental love, sacrifices and devotion to the world.

This zoom recorded performance was performed at BAAD! Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance on November 2020.

How do we imagine performance outside Eurocentric modes? We often associate site-specific performance and intergenerational casting as a post modern modality but is it?

My indigenous people have done this ... we have played with these ideas...we have experimented in ways that felt authentic to us. The stage and the studio is not indigenous to us. We have always explored storytelling where storytelling was needed...

Here is an excerpt of NANAY for Philadelphia Fringe 2021. 

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