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Choreographing #METOO

"I lived in a small apartment with my uncle. My parents throughout elementary school lived in the farmlands where they worked the fields. They came to see me a few times a week until they settled financially and were able to live with me. For the most part of those years, I was under the supervision of my uncle who turned out to be my first abuser.  My uncle exposed me to experiences that a child should not be exposed to. I recall attempting to tell my mom, but because of shame, I kept it a secret. During this time, Inday, my young self-died. And Annie was born."  - Ani Gavino

Carmenita was created for the stage as a cathartic retelling of my early childhood experiences with abuse. This was my second autoethnographic work, a narrative, a coming out story to my family who I protected at the expense of my own safety.

I never reproduced this performance after I played the role of Carmenita. I stopped when the dance served its purpose in my life...a step necessary for me to face my past. 

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