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ARC (trailer video) is a dance and drum performance commissioned by the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage. It is a merging of taiko drum, tabla, and dance. Dance choreography and performance are by Annielille Gavino and Orlando Hunter.


The work which was originally created for the 2017 Philadelphia Fringe Festival with the support of the Small But Mighty Arts Grant. HERstory was deconstructed for an art gallery and sanctuary setting at the Fleisher Art Memorial, revamped into a time-based performance created to hold and care for participants, viewers and our #metoo stories.  

La Migra, Let's Run is a commentary piece on the immigration history of United States. This work was my initial response to SB1070, a legislative Act in the U.S. state of Arizona that required immigrants to carry immigration documents at all times and empowered law enforcement officers to "lawfully stop and detain" immigrants who are suspiciously undocumented. The work brings the political to my personal journeys as an immigrant. This short and direct solo discusses many layers of an immigrant's psyche from fear of displacement, fetishization, assimilation and subsequent identity loss represented by a mime character. This work has been commission by Dance Place (DC), Velocity Dance Festival ( DC), Detroit Dance Race and Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance.   

An extended version was created for Philly Fringe 2016.

HER story (2017 ) is a story of ancestral memories; a celebration of goddesses, priestesses, female chieftains,  honored in Philippine indigenous societies, prior to European monotheism. The work merges the personal to the political context of feminism. It celebrates the power of community and sisterhood. 

DESTRUCTION ( 2016) is a work presented as part of the Philly Fringe. This is a collaboration between dancer/choreographer, Ani Gavino and film maker, Jasmine Lynea, exploring the relationship between patriarchy and colonialism through the lens of Filipino stories.

"Setting the Record Straight" (2017) is a story written and performed by Ani Gavino, and directed by David Conner. The work is a story slam presented by WHYY, Common Space and First Person Arts. The story slam addresses white fragility and micro-aggression through comedy.

Madre (2015 ) explores women striving to make a place and space in the world. The piece ends with the child making her own rhythms, expressing herself, taking space.


The work was first created as a solo in 2014, evolving into a quartet in 2015 . As the child grows, so does the work.  

Greyscale  ( 2015 ) is a compositional play of contrasts. Using cinder blocks to paint an urbanized landscape, the work presents the comparison between nature and structure.

This is an improvisation to the music of Kingsley Ibeneche by Ani Gavino and musician/dancer, Kingsley Ibeneche himself. This was performed at the Barnes Foundation. 

This is an imporvisation performed in the streets of Point Breeze, Philadelphia. Here, Orlando Hunter and I re(imagine) what dancing truly means to us as Black, Brown, Indigenous political bodies. We asked, 

"Where does dance exist and who do we dance for?"

This is another improviational solo for Philadlephia Fringe which became a seed to a larger work, Describing Maharlikha. 

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