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Choreographed/Conceptualized by Anito Gavino 
in collaboration with Kingsley Ibeneche



The work is a study of how one’s dance language inevitably emerges during improvisation. This symbolizes how my immigrant experience result to an artistry that is a hybrid of many dance languages. 

“A standout duet by Filipino artist ANI Gavino and Nigerian dancer-choreographer Kingsley Ibeneche. Gavino opens ‘Ina’ with her back to the audience, the muscles of her body undulating in isometric movement that hypnotizes. Ibeneche follows with an equally distinctive cultural movement language. Gavino trained at Philippine Ballet Theater and combines various formal and hybrid forms. This piece is their exploratory, and spellbinding, dance cultural exchange.” 

Copyright - The Dance Journal: Diversity highlights the Koresh Come Together Dance Festival together-dance-festival/ together-dance-festival/?fbclid=IwAR14NPkpfgLv18rD8_5a7uHCZM4mGEuVsNtIzp7LORvmA- rTB3vozeP2TbM 

A welcome change in movement quality followed in Annielille Gavino and William Burden’s 8am Text. At the start of the piece, each dancer takes turns in a spotlight, performing with calculated manipulation over singular body parts. Their piece contains a striking balance of swift, contemporary partnering and precise isolation.

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