Sunset CypHER

09/21/2019     7-8PM

Bartram's Garden Boathouse

5100 Lindbergh Blvd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA ( take 51st street towards the Boathouse )

Ani/ Malayaworks & Drum Like a Lady bring to you Sunset cypHER. This is an improvisational performance between the dance and the drum in harmony of each other, flourishing in the garden, by the water, in the company of trees, sun, moon, wind, and you, as active participants.

Sunset cypHER is based on a Filipino mythological folktale about the goddess of the rainbow, Bighari. The story begins with Bighari’s fascination for earthlings. She is entranced by the beauty of earth’s water, trees, and humans. Bighari loses her way back to the heavens. She weeps and her tears result to a production of a spectrum of light, which we now know of as the rainbow.

This is a participatory art, incomplete without you— the viewers' physical interaction. So come join us:



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